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the queen of spring

Updated: May 5

lilacs make up the bulk of the bouquets this time of year. their fragrance makes everyone nostalgic but in my mind apple blossoms and wisteria reign over spring. there isn't a corner on the farm where you cant smell the wisteria and the orchard almost looks like a recent snow came through. high up on my to do list is pruning the orchard. i have ancient trees that are alive despite neglect and in winter they look like pathetic scarecrows. now, all is disguised in a blanket of white and pink and the smell is divine. hopefully it will be a good apple year and we can make cider. last year was a dud. jamie and i have been learning the joys of irrigation and landscape fabric. i hope the joy comes soon, right now we stand and stare and scribble out plans that soon get scrapped. it's suppose to save us lots of time and water. so far it's eaten up almost a whole week. we'll keep you posted on our progress

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