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End of March Madness!

Updated: Mar 31

Wow! Almost April! Come on showers~water these soon to be~ May flowers!

Once again, I'm sitting with my feet up, nursing a very sore back after mulching for 2 and a half hours. Margie ~ let's just call her 'tractor'~ is down busting butt prepping another bed for planting.

Peonies have been weeded and mulched, Iris are coming on strong.

Hopefully next week we begin the exciting first time ever, irrigation system for the annual area.

I have two dogs basking in the sun next to me, such a lovely day!

We have our photographer, Mackenzie, here taking fun pictures before and after progress photos through out the season, be sure to check back soon to see!

Until next time--

get your hands in the dirt and the sun on your back!

Thanks for reading, The invisible friend.

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