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2 years gone

Updated: Mar 24

so it's been 2 years since my last blog entry, you've probably guessed that i'm not much of a writer. in fact i hate it. i will make more of an effort this spring. we've made a lot of improvements to the garden this past winter. finally there's a running tractor, i've ordered irrigation and my bored friend Jamie has agreed to be my ' gardening angel'.her job hasn't started back up yet so i intend on taking advantage. i went through the floret workshop this winter which blew my little mind. lots of ideas are getting more traction now because of it. Roshni Roberts has made a lovely logo for me and t-shirts are being made. i'm also doing bouquet subscriptions in 3 time chunks this summer

spring May 24th- July 2nd 90$

summer July 5th - August 6th 75$

autumn August 23d - October 1st 90$

or all three for $250

we'll even be advertised in the key peninsula news letter. i've hit the big time now. if you'd like to secure your bouquets please email

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